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For 2010 we honored some of the greatest and most important works of cinematic history, with original interpretations of these cinematic icons by Tina Critchell and poster design by Craig Varian. With three designs – featuring Early Cinema, The Golden Age of Film, and Modern Independents. Available individually or as a set. Poster are 14×20, printed on heavy poster stock.

Flyway Commemorative Poster – Early Cinema
We honor some of the most important films of early cinema including – The Jazz Singer, The Tramp, Nosferatu, King Kong, and Le Voyage dans la Lune

Flyway Commemorative Poster – Golden Age
We honor the golden age with images from Citizen Kane, Singing in the Rain, Gone With the Wind, Casablanca and Les Enfants du Paradis.

Flyway Commemorative Poster – Modern Independents
We honor modern independent film with images from Dr. Strangelove, Fitzcarraldo, Easy Rider, Sweet Land, El Mariachi, Lost in Translation and The Wintress.


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