The State of Crowdfunding 2012 Discussion

KickGoGo* 2012: The State of Indie Crowdfunding
Saturday, October 20, 2012 – 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Festival Lounge – Breakwater Bar, Pepin (corner of 1st and Main)

Lucas McNelly (A Year Without Rent) will bring statistical data compiled from hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns. Get the inside scoop on when is the best day to launch your campaign, what perk levels produce the biggest responses, what campaign duration provides the most bang for the buck, and more! Jeremy Wilker will share details and the differences and surprises from two film successes (TRIUMPH67 and Death To Prom). Join this discussion to hear about how projects have gone from the filmmakers who have been there. Discuss everything from crowdfunding nuts and bolts to the nuances of running an effective campaign. Share your own successes and failures with other filmmakers and be a part of an interactive learning experience.

How do the the new kickstarter guidelines affect filmmakers? How are campaigns different the 2nd or 3rd time around? Does prior success translate to easier campaigns? How big can you go on your next movie? What are the techniques that really get results? Which platform should you use? Is crowdfunding still a fad?

Discussion Moderators:
Paul Rachman – Filmmaker, Founder of Slamdance
Lucas McNelly – Filmmaker, Crowdfunding Consultant
Jeremy Wilker – Filmmaker, Crowdfunding Veteran

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  • Red Wing Innovation Incubator
  • Abode Gallery
  • Fuego Design