2013 Flyway FIlm Festival Kickoff Gala

2013 Flyway Film Festival Kickoff Gala

JamesRamsayPhotography.com-28 The “Flyway Gala” opening night party and awards ceremony in the Great Hall at Villa Bellezza Winery on Thursday, October 17, kicks off the 2013 Flyway Film Festival. An assembly of food, libations and entertainment, as well as the formal presentation of the Festival “Axe” awards (designed by nationally recognized Bay City, WI artist David Culver), the Gala is a must-attend event for film professionals, art and music aficionados, and anyone who appreciates independent film. The evening begins with a reception of small bites and hors d’oeurves catered by local restaurateurs and food professionals, as well as 2013 signature Flyway cocktails featuring mixologist-created Joia soda. Attendees can network and mingle between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. The reception will be followed by 2013 Flyway Keynote speaker Emily Best, founder of Seed&Spark, a cutting-edge platform for crowdfunding, distribution, and interaction for independent filmmakers. Rick Vaicius, Flyway executive director, will present the awards for outstanding films in all categories. Acclaimed Minneapolis-based Communist Daughter will be the Gala’s musical headliner. Fronted by Johnny Solomon, a long-time fixture in the local music scene, the band formed in 2009 in Prescott, Wisconsin, and first gained critical notice with their debut album, “Soundtrack to the End.” Hailed by the StarTribune as “… highly melodic and inventive folk rock…somewhere between Bon Iver, Blitzen Trapper, and Belle & Sebastian…," it wasn’t long before national press took notice, too, landing two of their tracks on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, in addition to being named NPR’s favorite in-studio session of 2010. Full Festival pass holders, Opening Night ticket holders, and specially-invited Festival guests and sponsors are welcome at this event.

A Field In England

afieldinengland England: 1648 AD. A small group of deserters flee from a raging battle through an overgrown field. They are captured by two men: O'Neil and Cutler. O'Neil (Michael Smiley), an alchemist, forces the group to aid him in his search to find a hidden treasure that he believes is buried in the field. Crossing a vast mushroom circle, which provides their first meal, the group quickly descend into a chaos of arguments, fighting and paranoia, and, as it becomes clear that the treasure might be something other than gold, they slowly become victim to the terrifying energies trapped inside the field. A Field In England is a psychedelic trip into magic and madness from Ben Wheatley – award-winning director of Down Terrace, Kill List and Sightseers.

A Thought For Robert

AThoughtForRobert While "on vacation in Morocco", Mara tries to send a video message to her husband, but the simple task becomes an ordeal thanks to some outside interference.


Anamnesis When Adam wakes up in a childhood memory, he figures he must be dreaming, but as his girlfriend, Hannah, leads him deeper into his subconscious, he begins to realize the truth..


B-Side During a late-night broadcast an indie rock DJ makes a mean-spirited remark about a second-tier pop star, accidentally sparking an unlikely relationship when she happens to be listening to the show. With his career in jeopardy and her dispassion with her work, their romance is quickly challenged and an idyllic New York romance is put to the test as the two struggle to be in each other's life.
Opening Night Shorts Program, World Premiere

Behind Me

flyway2 A young woman is slowly driven to the edge by someone, or something she fears is stalking her.

Black Gold Boom

Roughneck Family Garvin Photo Black Gold Boom is a public media project exploring North Dakota's oil boom. The project includes 50 radio stories, multiple videos and "Rough Ride: The Oil Patch Tour," an interactive documentary. The website is a 2013 Online News Association finalist and the winner of a 2013 Society of Professional Journalists' Sigma Delta Chi award.

Broken Circle Breakdown

Broken Circle Breakdown Elise and Didier's relationship is wild and passionate. She owns a tattoo shop in a little Belgian town and uses her body as a canvas, each tattoo covering up a little memento of a past lover. He plays the banjo in a bluegrass band and idealizes America. They meet, fall in love and have a daughter. But when little Maybelle becomes seriously sick, their relationship starts unraveling. In this perfectly constructed drama, flashbacks and flash-forwards are intertwined with an impressive fluidity, juxtaposing the ups and downs of Elise (the marvelous Veerle Baetens) and Didier's (Johan Heldenberg) love story. But the most remarkable asset of the film is the fantastic bluegrass soundtrack, composed by Bjorn Eriksson, which turns this poignant love story into a truly haunting film. -Seattle International Film Festival
Midwest Premiere, Opening Night Shorts Program


bubble_woods A woman is disrupted from sleep to discover a large bubble floating outside. Upon entering a seemingly happy and wondrous world, her safety soon becomes threatened. As she searches for something familiar, she is forced down a troubling path. Bubble explores the notion that we may create our own journeys in an attempt to comprehend our most difficult memories.
Opening Night Shorts Program


2013Shorts_chasseur 1 Sometime in the first half of the twentieth century, somewhere on the back roads of the Louisiana Bayou, the half-mad Louis Chasseur, hunts the devil. Setting an ambush at the crossroads, he kills the musician Jedediah Graham before the man can sell his soul. Chasseur then lies in wait for the Devil. Instead, the blood-soaked Chasseur encounters the Devil's lawyer, weaselly Mycroft Coney. What follows is a biblical battle of wills between the brutal, conscienceless Chasseur and the fast-talking Mycroft. Mycroft fights for his life as Chasseur pumps him for information on the Devil. Eventually, Chasseur gets what he wants…. and more.
Closing Night Film

Citizen Koch

CitizenKochStill_01 [courtesy Matt Wisnieski] Money has long played a starring role in politics. But the Supreme Court’s 2010 landmark ruling in Citizens United v. FEC marked seismic shift in how America’s elections are fought and financed. The ruling was engineered in part by corporate and far-right interest groups that had long sought to undermine the influence of unions and small donors. Their state-by-state campaign to reshape elections found its test market in Wisconsin – birthplace of progressivism, the Republican Party, and government unions. From Tia Lessin and Carl Deal, the Oscar-nominated filmmakers who made Trouble the Water, winner of the 2008 Sundance Grand Jury Prize for best documentary, comes Citizen Koch, a story about money, citizenship, and democracy.
Opening Night Shorts Program

Deal Travis In

renee_in_basement A man trying to make his peace with the mysterious death of his daughter is offered the answers he’s seeking, but at the cost of his freedom and another woman’s life.
World Premiere

Death To Prom

renesashafrankiegrass Two best friends make the best of going to high school by dreaming up fashion magazine photo shoots, and bribing their siblings to model for them. René indulges his fantasies and loves designing clothes. Frankie lives for her camera and punk rock. They both fall for Sasha, the shy soccer player with a soft spot for poems by Pushkin. When the three of them are caught between competing invitations to prom, their high-fashion drama could destroy their friendships along with the entire prom. Matthew Stenerson won the 2012 McKnight Screenwriting Grant for the Death To Prom screenplay.


Flyway2013_Logo_360x360 While trying catch up with his academics, Xeng struggles to overcome his experience of sleep paralysis.
Midwest Premiere

Down and Dangerous

DownandDangerous Always one step ahead of the Feds, Paul Boxer is the most inventive and principled smuggler in the trade, and has never needed to carry a gun. When violent mid-level traffickers coerce him into designing a foolproof plan to bring several kilos of cocaine across the México border, he maneuvers to rid himself of their hold over him once and for all. But when a sharp-witted woman from his past enlists his help to escape this rival outfit, Paul must confront the man that is hunting him down, and choose between his livelihood as a smuggler and his integrity as a man.
Opening Night Shorts Program


large_epilogue_pubs At the end of his greatest adventure, Skillman has vanquished his nemesis, recovered the priceless artifact and saved his latest love from certain doom. As he struggles to figure out what comes next, his leading lady realizes her confident, capable man doesn’t have a clue what to do once the guns are down.


favor_102 Kip Desmond has gotten everything he's ever wanted: a thriving career, beautiful wife and an affluent lifestyle, all of which is put in jeopardy when Abby, the waitress with whom he's having a casual fling, is accidentally killed. ​ Desperate, he ends up on the doorstep of childhood friend Marvin Croat and asks him for a huge favor: help get rid of the body. This gruesome circumstance begins a series of events which unravels Kip and Marvin’s lifelong friendship, leading both men to murderous acts neither had ever suspected themselves capable of.

Fifty Lakes, One Island

Fifty Lakes One Island EDIT 01434710 In 2011, Chicago filmmaker George Desort spent eighty nights on Isle Royale, a wilderness island on Lake Superior. Traveling alone with his camera equipment and as much food as he could fit into his kayak, Desort explored the rugged terrain of the island, filming himself each difficult step of the way. Desort’s breathtaking footage paired with his personal, unvarnished story-telling result in a film that will spur viewers to visit the outdoors as soon as possible.


forward05 "Forward" (Wisconsin's state motto) is an activist-level view of the uprising that swept state senators out of office, triggered the third governor recall election in American history, and inspired the Occupy movement that swept the country. This film uses the reflections of people involved in the protests of winter 2011 to show what galvanized non-radicals into a movement that quickly drew international attention to Madison, Wisconsin for political action unlike anything seen in America since the Vietnam War.

Friday Night Shorts

Flyway2013_Logo_360x360 Join us for a specially-curated selection of short films on Friday night. There's something for fans of every genre -- the perfect way to top off Flyway's Opening Night! Titles in this block include: -Chausseur directed by Chris Kelly -Sunburn directed by Jayce Bartok -Behind Me directed by Rebecca Pugh -Grandma's Not A Toaster directed by Andrew Napier -Jabberwockey directed by Ted Eschweiler -Deal Travis In directed by Kim Garland -Epilogue directed by Dylan Allen Additional information can be found in each film's individual listing.

Girl Meets Bike

GIRL MEETS BIKE GIRL MEETS BIKE is a story of love at first sight, but not how you think. Kat showers her first bike with all the confused passion we give that certain person (or bike) who first steals our heart. As her new friends vie for her affection, one emerges as Kat's first love, further revealing the complexity and ambiguity of her desire. What Kat really sees in the bike is her own chance for freedom. And who doesn't love to be free? Shot in part on location in Stockholm, Wisconsin and on nearby county roads.

Golden Hour

GH_STILLS_02 Jim is troubled by memory loss and is desperate to uncover his past. He relies on a book of prompts and post-it reminders to get him through simple daily tasks. Jim's mind has become scrambled with film clips of his life, where he searches to uncover the fragmented memory of a lost love. As his visions are revealed, Jim's memories begin to invade his reality - cold autumn streets are blurred with crashing waves and hot summer sand. Jim becomes consumed with unraveling the Golden Hour.
Opening Night Shorts Program

Grandma’s Not A Toaster

grandmas-not-a-toaster Three siblings plot to steal their ailing Grandmother's fortune, without realizing that Grandma has a plot of her own.
Opening Night Shorts Program


Jabberwocky Imprisoned in a winter wonderland, Alice and the Hatter must confront the Jabberwock in this adaptation of Lewis Carroll's poem.

LA Comedy Shorts

la_comedy_shorts_logo LA Comedy Shorts sends Flyway the funny! Please join us for the best in comedy from our friends at the LA Comedy Shorts Festival.

Mysteries of the Driftless

driftles2 What strange forces saved one isolated section along the Upper Mississippi River from the repeated crushing and scouring effects of glaciers during the last two million years? What pre-ice age throwbacks survived here in this unique geologic refuge that holds more Native America effigy mounds, petroglyph caves, strange geologic features, and rare species than anywhere in the Midwest? These questions and more are answered in this captivating documentary.

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

NotAnymore The story of the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians, a male rebel fighter and a female journalist, as they fight an oppressive regime for the freedom of their people

Overpass Light Brigade

03 The film showcases OLB's simple, beautiful approach to performance art and playful action that beckons any who want to creatively join public discourse and voice concerns an elitist political system clamors to quiet. The movement was forged in the activist climate of the Wisconsin Uprising in 2011. Since OLB's inception, dozens of affiliations have sprung up across the nation focusing on a range of causes, from environmental protections to marriage equality and more.

Pearblossom Highway

pearblossom_highway_500x250 Anna, a young Japanese girl, is a pulled by her families desire to see her become a US Citizen, her desire to return to her dying grandmother, and a world hell bent on self destruction. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll and the American dream all pull her in different directions.


Revelations_Still2 Luke, immature for his 29 years and sorely lacking in ambition and moral fiber, must meet his maker and face judgment after being processed by an impatient administrator as the world prepares to come to an end.
World Premiere

River Road Romance

RRR - still1 Big changes can happen in small ways. A chance encounter between two middle-aged strangers begins a story of tentative love on the Great River Road. Will both find what they need when neither one is looking?

Shored Up

ShoredUp When Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast it was a wake up call to a new reality. Shored Up takes us to the heart of this climate change controversy, following communities in New Jersey and North Carolina where politics, economics and science collide. Beginning 3 years before Sandy hit and following the debates over beach replenishment and other attempts to hold back the sea, Shored Up is a convincing call for action along our coasts. As the oceans rise and storms flood our towns and cities we have a choice to make: do we continue to develop as we have in the past, ignoring clear risks and danger? Or, do we allow science to guide our policies for the future...before it's too late.
North American Premiere


carmilla(Julia Pietrucha)-pushes-lara-further Inspired by Carmilla, the seminal 19th Century vampire tale by Sheridan LeFanu, STYRIA plunges the viewer into a haunted world of fantasy and obsession. In 1989, Lara Hill (Eleanor Tomlinson), accompanies her art historian father (Stephen Rea) to an abandoned castle across the Iron Curtain. From a car crash outside of the castle, emerges the beautiful and mysterious Carmilla. Lara secrets Carmilla into the castle and the two are drawn into an intoxicating relationship. But when Carmilla mysteriously disappears, and women of the town begin committing suicide, Lara’s psychic wounds erupt into a living nightmare that consumes the entire town of Styria.
Opening Night Shorts Program


Sunburn_still A young man looking to make his mark in reality TV gets a job at a network only to find himself morally conflicted when he picks a new couple for the popular franchise, The Manhattan Social Club. How far will Kevin go to secure his place in network television?

Sunday Flyway Shorts

Flyway2013_Logo_360x360 Start the final day of the 2013 Flyway Film Festival with an exploration of the short film form. From regional filmmakers to international. From charming heartwarming stories to explorations of the paranormal. Some of the best short films we've ever considered are here!

The Animation Tag Attack

The_Animation_Tag_Attack-222543574-large A worldwide collaboration between 12 of the most booming young animators on the scene today. We follow Bear and Duck in a relentless chase for a green bottle in a quest to set things right... The movie is a celebration to the art of collaboration and the creative process.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

Adele The year is 1912. This is the story of an intrepid young reporter Adèle Blanc-Sec and her quest for the power of life over death. Her journey would take her to distant lands to face many dangers beneath the sands. She will go to any lengths to achieve her aims, including sailing to Egypt to tackle mummies of all shapes and sizes. Meanwhile in Paris, a 136 million-year old pterodactyl egg on display in the natural history museum has mysteriously hatched, and the creature subjects the city to a reign of terror from the skies. But nothing fazes Adele Blanc-Sec, whose adventures include many more extraordinary surprises…

The Institute

TheInstitute "To those dark horses with the spirit to look up and see... a recondite family awaits." Welcome to the Jejune Institute, a mind-bending San Francisco phenomenon where 10,000 people became "inducted" without ever quite realizing what they'd signed up for. Was it a cult? Was it an elaborate game? Told from the participants’ perspectives, the film looks over the precipice at an emergent new art form where real world and fictional narratives collide, creating unforeseen and often unsettling consequences. Fusing elements of counter-culture, new religious movements and street art, THE INSTITUTE invites viewers down the rabbit hole into a secret underground world teeming just beneath the surface of everyday life.
World Premiere

The Negative

Negative_promo_1_web The place where photography, memory, and a broken destiny collide. “The Negative,” explores the idea that a camera captures more than just an image, it captures a bit of soul.
Opening Night Film

The Rocket

The Rocket Laos: A boy (Ahlo, 10), who is believed to bring bad luck, is blamed for a string of disasters. When his family loses their home and are forced to move, Ahlo meets the spirited orphan Kia (9) and her eccentric uncle Purple: an ex-soldier with a purple suit, a rice-wine habit and a fetish for James Brown. Struggling to hang on to his father's trust, Ahlo leads his family, Purple, and Kia through a land scarred by war in search of a new home. In a last plea to prove he's not cursed, Ahlo builds a giant explosive rocket to enter the most lucrative but dangerous competition of the year: the Rocket Festival. As the most bombed country in the world shoots back at the sky, a boy will reach to the heavens for forgiveness. Gripping yet heart-warming, The Rocket is a deeply personal story about the determination of a boy who has the odds stacked against him, set against the epic backdrop of a war-ravaged country on the brink of huge change. With remarkable access to real rituals and festivities in the mountains of Laos, the film is a unique view into a world never seen on film before. Featuring an extraordinary leading performance from gutsy former street kid Sitthiphon Disamoe as Ahlo, the film also stars veteran actor and comedian Thep Phongam as a damaged but humorous ex-soldier who becomes a mentor to our young protagonist.

White Reindeer

WhiteReindeer Christmastime is looking swell for pretty, unassuming real-estate-agent Suzanne Barrington: she just sold a house to a nice swinger couple; her weatherman husband Jeff scored a sweet new job; and her favorite holiday is quickly approaching. After a sudden tragedy takes Jeff away, Suzanne is left lost and lonely. Even worse, a friend of his confesses a secret: there’s another woman. Her name's Fantasia and she works at the "girl club." In their grief, the two women form an awkward but meaningful friendship. Pushing away the ghosts of Christmas present, Suzanne falls into Fantasia’s world of dance parties, shoplifting and substances! But maybe that’s not what Suzanne’s looking for either…

William and the Windmill

William_And_The_Windmill_6 Young Malawian William Kamkwamba teaches himself to build a power-generating windmill from junk parts, successfully rescuing his family from poverty and famine. He becomes an energy icon for the developing world and meets American entrepreneur and mentor Tom Rielly, who helps him imagine a new future. Fame, opportunity, stress, and isolation follow his invention, and his life is transformed. As William struggles with the potential of his promising future, he privately yearns to distance himself from his windmill, that which made him famous. This is a story about a complex young man straddling two cultures, carrying the burdens of his past achievements while boldly pursuing a bright future.
Wine & Cheese Reception

Wine and Cheese Reception at Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery

MRWCbottle This event is free and open to the general public. Before the Festival’s Opening Night Feature Film, please join us for a wine and cheese reception hosted by Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery. A great way to start a weekend of great fi lms! Located at W12266 King Lane in Stockholm (just 2.6 miles from Highway 35), take Spring Street/County Rd. J north to County Rd. E and follow County Rd. E to King Lane (on the left).

Zero Charisma

ZERO-CHARISMA_marquee Ever wanted to be a hero? In this age of Dungeons and Dragons, it’s never been easier. Zero Charisma follows Scott Weidemeyer (Sam Eidson), an obsessed, overweight nerd, who happily spends his days as grand master of his “friends” in his fantasy role-playing board game. However, when Miles (Garrett Graham), a gregarious newcomer, joins the group, Scott’s supremacy is threatened and he must go to extremes to keep the hierarchy of his beloved game intact.
  • Villa Bellezza in Pepin, Wisconsin
  • Seed & Spark
  • Spring Street Inn