Ask us anything. Pretty much.

Q: Is everything basically in the same place it was last year?
A: Oh HELL no. The Flyway Office is at Dougie Padilla’s fabuloso studio at Second & Main (formerly the Lake Pepin Art & Design Center). The Filmmaker Lounge (soon to be the Flyway Minema) is on Second Street in what used to be an empty storeroom. The Villa Bellezza Winery opened a giant new room called the Vat Room (because there are wine vats in it) for the screenings. Click here for the addresses.

Q: Which is a better deal, buying a Festival Pass ($120), a Screening Pass ($85), or individual film tickets ($10)?
A: Math is hard. But if you’re going to the Kickoff Gala ($40) plus eight films, which would be a pretty good amount of films over four days, you should definitely get a Festival Pass, because you get first dibs on films that might sell out. If you’re not planning to go to the Gala, you should get a Screening Pass. And if you actually hate movies and are only coming to the Flyway because of peer pressure, better go with individual tickets and then sneak out for a beer at Lena’s Lucky Star Café. Click here to buy passes.

Q: What’s the transportation situation in the area? Can I get, like, a cab or Uber between venues?
A: GAAAAHHHH NOOOOO we are sorry but that is just not a thing in these small towns. People tend to be very generous with giving rides, though, so just ask anyone if they happen to be driving to Alma or wherever for the next film. We call it the “sharing economy of desperation.”

Q: Do I have to dress all fancy to go to the Kickoff Gala?
A: Attire at previous Galas has ranged from sparkly gowns to “I didn’t have time to change after plowing the fields.” So: no.

Q: Last time I was at the Flyway, I got amazing coffee in Stockholm at the Pie Company, but I could not find a latte in Pepin to save my life. What is up with that?
A: That was before Sam and Alex opened The 404 Coffee Shop, a truly fabulous new coffee emporium on First Street across from the Pepin marina! All your caffeine needs shall be fulfilled.

Q: I’m hungry.
A: Eat here.

Q: Are there any panels or workshops this year?
A: Yes and no. There are no formal workshops. However, there will be coffee hours and happy hours on Thursday and Friday, featuring the amazing superstar Jen West (winner of the 2015 Seed&Spark short film award), who will offer a free crowdfunding session and a free pitching session during happy hours at the Filmmaker Lounge. In addition, there’s a gang of film school filmmakers who will lead a discussion about film school on Friday morning at The 404. Click here for details. Everyone is welcome!

Q: In general, which is cooler, Flyway or SXSW?
A: Tough call. Luckily, Flyway programmer Jim Brunzell lives in Austin, Texas and keeps his finger on the pulse of the films in that dusty town. Several of the films you’ll see at the Flyway are straight outa Austin.

Q: Is there really a scary monster in Lake Pepin, like in the 2016 Flyway Logo?
A: Don’t go swimming.


(Lake Monsters of America map is from Atlas Obscura)