dougieland-flyway-officeYou’ve got your pass reserved, either by having purchased it (thank you!) or by getting it as a reward for your excellent volunteer work (thank you!) Now what? Here’s how to reserve tickets for films.

  • If you bought a pass online, you’re already registered in the Elevent Ticketing system. So you can follow the instructions below to reserve tickets for specific films.


  • Pick up your actual printed pass at the FLYWAY OFFICE, 202 Main Street (also known as Dougieland Studios, pictured above), during these hours:

    Wednesday 12-5
    Thursday 12-6
    Friday & Saturday 10-6
    Sunday 10-3

  • If you’re getting a comp pass, you need to pick it up and register at the Flyway Office (see above). 

Using Your Pass Pre-Festival

As you peruse the film guide at, you can add any screenings that interest you to your wish list. If you want to manage or create additional wish lists, head to your Elevent profile here:

To ensure you get to attend the screenings and events you want, pass holders are strongly encouraged to select tickets in advance. As a pass holder, you’ll have early access to claim tickets.

Once you log into Elevent at, you’ll be prompted to start fulfilling one of your passes. Select which pass you want to use and select “Fulfill.” Any tickets you reserve now won’t cost you anything — one-per-screening comes free with your pass.

Did you create a wish list? Great! Use it as a guide. Click on your name and choose Wish List. Select the number of tickets you want to each event and press “Get Tickets.” That’s it.

You can also use your pass on our online film guide. Browse to find screenings you want. If you are logged in and fulfilling your pass, you can add free tickets to your shopping cart and claim them for free.

You will get any tickets you reserve in an email confirmation (Check your junk mail if you don’t get it after a little while).

Undecided? No problem. You don’t have to reserve all of your tickets right away. You can come back later and fulfill some more.

If you bought passes for others, you can claim tickets for their passes the same way.

Using Your Pass During the Festival

Remember to show up at each event at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the screening or event to ensure entry. Just bring up the tickets you reserved on your smartphone and show it at the venue.

Where were those tickets? They are attached to the email confirmation we sent you. Can’t find that email? Check out your Order History on your smartphone ( and press the Get Tickets button.

If you want to go to something and don’t have a ticket, visit the box office. Your passes can get you tickets there, too.

If you arrive less than 15 minutes prior to showtime, you can also use your pass in the Wait List line. While entry is first-come, first-serve, your pass can get you in for free.

Each pass can be used to book a maximum of one ticket per screening or event. All passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Helpful hint: This is the first year the Flyway has worked with Elevent Ticketing, and it’s all new to our volunteers who are helping you get your passes. Also, everyone who “works” for the Flyway is a volunteer. So please be patient and don’t threaten to get anyone fired :-)