Pepin, WI—Today, Flyway Film Festival Executive Director Rick Vaicius announced an exciting new partnership on film shorts programming for the 2011 Flyway Film Festival.



The L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival has agreed to provide Flyway with two programming blocks of their Best of Festival short films from their recent April 2011 event.

After the success of Flyway’s 2010 shorts programming partnership with the Chicago Short Film Brigade, Vaicius felt that the time was right to approach another highly-regarded curator of short films. He had initially connected with L.A. Comedy Shorts co-founders Gary Anthony Williams (Boston Legal, Undercover Brother, Malcolm in the Middle), Wisconsin-native Jeannie Roshar (Dropping Out, Gulp, TBS’s The Movie Lounge), and Festival Producer, Ryan Higman, in 2008 at the International Film Festival Summit in Las Vegas. Approaching the group last December about this possible partnership was met with very positive response.

LA Comedy Shorts Founders: Ryan Higman, Jeannie Roshar and Gary Anthony Williams

Says Vaicius about the partnership with L.A. Comedy Shorts, “I was really excited about this opportunity to bring a focus on cutting-edge comedy shorts to our festival this year. Gary, Jeannie and Ryan experience the best-of-the-best through their event and I very pleased they were willing to help me bring it to our audience here in Wisconsin.”


The L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival is currently the largest comedy film festival in the United States. It was founded to celebrate and promote up-and-coming filmmakers and writers through the medium of comedic short films as well as feature, pilot, and short comedy screenplays. Due to the unique niche of the festival and the ever-increasing number of platforms for short-form entertainment, the festival has quickly grown and acquired accolades such as being named one of the “Top Ten Film Festivals in the U.S.” by the Brooks Institute and one of “25 Festivals Worth the Fee” by MovieMaker magazine.