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“get yourself into a situation where you don’t have a choice”

So my wife and partner in crime, Tiffany, was listening to the latest
brilliant podcast from Marc Maron on his awesome show WTF , featuring
Conan O’Brien this week, and as we were drifting off to sleep mumbled
to me, “Get yourself into a situation where you don’t have a choice.”
It’s a quote from Conan, whose dad passed it on to him. I sat staring
at the ceiling for awhile thinking about the profundity (is that a
word?) of this no choices advise.

Then it occurred to me that is what us indie filmmakers must do: get
ourselves in a situation where we have to make our movie. Tiff and I
talked about how we are accepting donations for Tiny Dancer from you
generous people out there, and we are on the hook. We have to make
this film. We have NO CHOICE.

So next month, we are shooting two days on the film with amazing people:
















Tony and Spirit nominee, Daphne Rubin-Vega, DP Kate Phelan, and more
to come…. We are doing it. It feels amazing to be beginning a
mini-pre-production, the past few days flying by with scripts, crew,
rentals, ideas, pictures, scouts, actors. Ah, Wilderness!

Let’s all get NO CHOICES.

We are fundraising for the film Tiny Dancer. By donating at you become a member of TIC and help
us acheive our goal of raising the film’s budget. Spreading the word,
“following” and “liking” are free. And we like you too.