91 minutes

Director: Melanie Laurent

A taut, nuanced story about the depths of female friendships and the dark side of teenage infatuations, Breathe, the sophomore directorial effort from Melanie Laurent, is an assured adaptation of the sensational French young adult novel of the same name. Charlie (Josephine Japy) is seventeen and bored. Her estranged parents are too caught up in their own drama to pay her much attention. School holds no surprises either, and Charlie grows tired of her staid friends. Enter Sarah (Lou de Laege), a confident and charismatic new transfer student who brings with her an alluring air of boldness and danger. The two form an instant connection, and through shared secrets, love interests and holiday getaways their relationship deepens to levels of unspoken intimacy. But with this intimacy comes jealousy and unrealistic expectations, and soon the teens find themselves on a dangerous trajectory toward an inevitable and unforeseen collapse.

“Breathe” is a very good title for a film that ever so gradually takes your breath away.

Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal

One of the best films of the year.

-Inkoo Kang  TheWrap

Pre-Screening Live Music from JE Sunde 2:30-3:00pm

Before striking out on his own, Jon Sunde spent years making beautifully unusual music with The Daredevil Christopher Wright. In 2014 he released his first solo album, Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God, with Cartouche Records out of Davenport, IA. With a love for the craft of the singer / songwriter and an admiration for artists such as Nina Simone and Leonard Cohen, he tries to write honest songs that feel good and hopefully aren’t excessively derivative. In this endeavor he has, at times, been more and less successful.

Melanie Laurent