Documentary Short Films

Cherry Pop: The Story of the World’s Fanciest Cat

Cherry Pop ate nothing but filet mignon and Evian water, traveled in customized Louis Vuitton luggage, and lounged in a mini-Rolls Royce. She appeared Time Magazine, the New York Times, and TV programs throughout the world. She was, quite simply, the world’s fanciest cat.



Documentary Shorts

Three short documentaries from Wisonsin and Minnesota Filmmakers

The Sea Wing Disaster – Tragedy on Lake Pepin

Director Ben Threinen and author Fred Johnson explore one of the Mississippi River’s most tragic events.
The capsiziing of The Sea WIng on July 13, 1890 killing 98.
Join us for a special screening of this new documentary.

Directed By Ben Threinen | Documentary Short | 41 minutes | WI/MN Showcase, USA | 2014


Kathy’s Live Bait

Cultures converge at a small bait shop in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Short Films For the Red Wing Fall Festival of the Arts

Red Wing Fall Festival of the Arts

Celebrate Flyway’s participation in the Red Wing Fall Festival of the Arts with a block of short films.

Hand picked by our programming staff from more than 1100 submissions these are some of the most compelling thought provoking and engaging short films of 2014.

Present Trauma

Keith, a Marine veteran, is struggling to cope with family life after a combat tour overseas. After deciding to keep a stray dog, a unique bond forms between the two, changing...

The Rising

Red Wing Fall Festival of the Arts

The Rising is a short film which depicts an invasive alien species, Giant Hogweed, as it rapidly colonizes the British landscape. Filmed throughout its annual growth cycle, the film captures the plant’s dramatic infestation along a lowland riverbank in northern England. Part natural history, part sci-fi, The Rising features an atmospheric soundtrack score by Lord Mongo, and presents the alien interloper as both a dangerous, toxic menace and impressive, natural wonder.


Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff

In March 2013, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed legislation that rewrote the state’s iron mining laws, paving the way for Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) to dig an open-pit iron mine in the pristine woods of the Penokee mountain range.
This film tells the story of how GTAC and its allies wielded money and power to influence the law, and goes behind the scenes with the burgeoning movement to resist the mine