Food Patriots

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74 minutes

 Food Patriots begins with a wake up call: filmmakers Jeff Spitz and Jennifer Amdur Spitz’s son got sick eating chicken contaminated with a superbug, and antibiotics failed. The film chronicles the family’s newfound interest in food sources, getting outlaw chickens, and meeting people from all walks of life who are trying to change the way Americans eat food, buy food, and educate the next generation of consumers. They call the people who are doing this Food Patriots.

The film features urban farmers, organic entrepreneurs, food activists, chefs, 8th graders, high schoolers, college athletes and most surprisingly, a conventional farm family that grows corn and soy while raising thousands of hogs in confinement. This film shows how a family learns to grow together, challenge the status quo and become engaged citizens. It also shows what happens when Jennifer and her college football player son go to Capitol Hill to inform congress about antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Jeff Spitz