Is Flyway the love child of the Stockholm Art Fair and Al Milgrom?

Is Flyway the love child of the Stockholm Art Fair and Al Milgrom?

Jul 18, 2013
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Stockholm Art Fair poster by Glen "Sonny" Nelson

2013 Stockholm Art Fair poster by Glen “Sonny” Nelson

 Over 40 years ago, some artists from elsewhere settled in the little town of Stockholm, Wisconsin. Because they were hippies, they decided to have a groovy art fair. Because they were talented, they became nationally recognized artists, and their groovy little art fair turned into a big deal.

Around 20 years ago, a cinephile named Rick bought a farmhouse in Pepin. He had heard about all the artists in the area, so he figured it would be a groovy place to live. Because he couldn’t find enough independent films to watch, he started a screening series in Pepin and Stockholm. Because the screening series was a success, he banded together with other artsy people and turned it into an actual film festival.

When he was a U of M student, Rick volunteered at what was then called the Rivertown Film Festival, in order to get in and see films for free. He learned about film and about what it takes to run a festival. Al Milgrom, who basically force-fed independent and international films to the Twin Cities public until they learned to like it, started Rivertown (which later became Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival).

So, the answer to the above question is: YES.

Al Milgrom photo by Euan Kerr

Al Milgrom (photo by Euan Kerr/MPR)


Don’t miss the 40th annual Stockholm Art Fair this Saturday, July 20!


Stockholm Art Fair 2012 (photo by Jay Olson-Goude)


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