Flyway panels and workshops: Yes, Midwest filmmakers and screenwriters CAN make it in “the Biz”

Flyway panels and workshops: Yes, Midwest filmmakers and screenwriters CAN make it in “the Biz”

Sep 10, 2013
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PEPIN, WI, September 10, 2013— When Midwestern screenwriters ask industry insiders how to break into the business, the usual advice is, “Move to L.A.” Not so fast, say the experts featured at the 2013 2013 Flyway Film Festival panels and workshops, October 17-20.

“Regional filmmakers and screenwriters sometimes feel isolated from the networks and contacts their L.A. counterparts have,” says editor Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, one of the film industry experts offering workshops at the Flyway this year. “But there are ways to work the system, no matter where you live.” She will speak on a panel entitled “Breaking In Outside of Hollywood,” along with award-winning Minnesota screenwriter Michael Starrbury and California writer/director Mike Ott, whose latest film, Pearblossom Hwy, will screen at the Flyway.

Bowerman will also offer a unique screenwriting workshop for writers at all levels: “Screenwriters, Bring Out Your Scenes!” Writers who sign up can bring a scene from an in-progress screenplay for local actors to read aloud, followed by a feedback session. “There’s no substitute for hearing your work read out loud when you’re working on dialogue,” says Bowerman.

With crowdfunding expert Emily Best (Seed&Spark) as this year’s keynote speaker, the “how-to’s” of crowdfunding – funding a film by raising money from a large number of people via the internet — will be a topic throughout Flyway 2013. Best will speak on a “Crowdfunding 101” panel with industry leader John Trigonis (IndieGoGo) and crowdfunding veterans Jessica King and Julie Keck (King is a Fink Productions). Two workshops will follow:

– How To Crowdfund. Seriously. Emily Best will expand on new crowdfunding models and teach specific techniques that allow filmmakers to create sustainable film careers.
– Crowdfunding Charm School, or, Fan Dancing For Filmmakers: How To Charm The Pants Off Your Backers. The freewheeling, often hilarious writer/producer team known as King is a Fink will share the tips and tricks they’ve learned during their numerous crowdfunding campaigns.

The panels are free. Workshops are $10 in advance and $20 at the door. Some workshops have an attendance limit, so early signup is recommended. For more information and tickets, please click here.

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