Indie Film Heavyweights Step Up in Support of Flyway’s Kickstarter Campaign

Indie Film Heavyweights Step Up in Support of Flyway’s Kickstarter Campaign

Aug 29, 2012
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Pepin, WI—The 5th Annual 2012 Flyway Film Festival (October 18-21, 2012) announces the launch of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign SAVE FLYWAY to assist with operational costs of the 2012 Festival in Pepin and Stockholm, Wisconsin via an 18-day campaign with the goal of raising $10K.

Ted Hope browses the 2011 2012 Flyway Film Festival Program Guide

Brian Newman Founder of Sub-Genre

Early response to this effort from past Flyway alumni and respected film industry personnel has been tremendous. Past Flyway guests of note Ted Hope (Academy Award-Nominated Producer of 21 Grams and American Splendor and current Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society) and Brian Newman (Founder/consultant at Sub-genre Media, focusing on entertainment and cultural industry business development and distribution, and former CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute) have each offered a coveted one-hour private consultation for donors contributing at various levels. Many other quality product, service, and Festival related perks are available at additional donation levels ranging from $25-$2,500+.

Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” venture; participants can donate any amount greater than $1, and unless the campaign reaches its set goal within the prescribed timeframe, no funds are collected. Having participated in a positive Kickstarter campaign in 2010, Flyway hopes to replicate and grow that success in order to ensure the resources for a high-quality, engaging experience for its 2012 attending filmmakers and patrons.

As a wholly volunteer-run organization, Flyway relies on the generosity of its sponsors and the dedication of staff who work tirelessly to create a unique film experience for attendees. For 2012, the Festival is again the recipient of a JEM (Joint Effort Marketing) Grant from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, which will allow continued expansion of marketing to a broader audience.

A good portion of Flyway’s yearly budget is dedicated to deliberate efforts to bring filmmakers, actors, and other film industry personnel from around the world into the regional community—to date, nearly 120 in total. In addition to screening their remarkable films to an accessible, appreciative audience of locals and visitors, Flyway has become a unique venue for these filmmakers to network and discuss projects and the “state of the industry” in the film world.

With a projected 2012 Festival attendance that will contribute over $115K in economic stimulus to its greater community, Flyway’s primary goal remains to continue building its reputation as a festival that matters in an intimate, accessible, and unpretentious way that fosters participation and personal ownership.

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