After Hours

After Hours Based on a true story about an overworked animator who is haunted by one of his characters. The film is a horror-comedy love story with elephants, and a playful look into the (exhausting) creative process.

As Goes Janesville

As Goes Janesville A cautionary tale for a polarized country falling short of the American Dream, the film follows three years in the lives of laid off workers struggling to survive, business leaders trying to reinvent their local economy, and a state senator caught in the middle, trying to bring peace to his warring state while protecting workers’ rights. As Goes Janesville, so goes America.


bridges4 Babysitter Elizabeth (Joslyn Jensen) wishes she was the infant's mother. When a potentially dangerous situation arises, she leaves the apartment with young Julian (Julian Perez) until things settle - but as they get further away, Elizabeth thinks he might be better off with her

Caroline and Jackie

Caroline and Jackie When Caroline (Marguerite Moreau) throws a surprise birthday party for her sister Jackie (Bitsie Tulloch), what starts as an evening with friends quickly devolves into a somewhat less than celebratory occasion, as Caroline divulges an ulterior motive in bringing the group together. But this revelation is only the first in a night that will ultimately change everything. As old gripes are resurrected and old patterns fallen into, Caroline, Jackie, and their guests are pushed to the edge, and their bonds are tested by the emotional mayhem only sisters can wring.

Children of the Air

COTA-Tub Juxtaposed with the original fairytale of The Little Mermaid, Children of the Air is an unflinching portrait of heartbreak.


Crush Crush - One woman's quest to find the perfect chair.Have you ever been in love, or in and out of love? Too comfortable in a relationship, or not comfortable at all? If so, this film is for you. We play with the concept of relationships by showing a woman going through numerous chairs to find the perfect fit.

Dinner at the Lake

dinneratlake A project of the 2012 Flyway Film Festival in Pepin, Wisconsin, created by residents of Lake Pepin's east coast. Along the Wisconsin shore of Lake Pepin, residents are preparing for a special feast. Farmers, mushroom hunters, cooks, and tradesmen together create a banquet on a fishing pier stretching far out into the lake, while children grow antsy--and a bit nervous--awaiting the arrival of a mysterious guest. Who is this legendary figure, and will he really come? Mary Logue's ominous tale comes to life in 2012 Flyway Film Festival's first-ever community film.

Dreams of a Life

zawe_ashton_dreams_of_a_life_thumb Dreams of a Life is an imaginative and multilayered quest to go beyond the newspaper reports and solve the mystery of who thirty-eight year old Joyce Vincent was and why she lay undiscovered for three years after her death in one of the busiest parts of London.

Free Movies For Kids

NEWkffflogo2007 Free for kids and families! Specially curated and available due to Flyway's relationship with Kids First. Titles include: Pizzangrillo, Trashland, Kidnap, After Hours, Robo San and Wan Chan, The Listener

Friday Night Shorts

Facebooklogo Join us for a special collection of short films from Flyway friends old and new. Vivienne Again- Directed By Kim Garland The Wheel- Directed By John Roberts Children of the Air- Directed By Damian Horan Punchy and Toothpick- Directed By Philippe Lupien and Vincent Ethier Happy Voodoo- Directed By Jenny Goddard The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends- Directed By Jay Cheel For additional information about each title in this block please see the individual description for each film.

Graffiti angel

graffitiangel1 Graffiti angel screens as part of the Kickoff Gala shorts. Admission is free. Kathy McTavish created sound, text, code and moving images for this short film. Graffiti angel is part of a year-long project called "holy fool" funded by the Jerome Foundation and the Minnesota State Arts Board. This film was generated using open-source semantic-web tools (html5, xml, css3, and javascript).

Happy Voodoo

HappyVoodoo Damien uses voodoo dolls to alter the lives of his three best friends.


Hellion All hell breaks loose when seven-year-old Petey is left with his hell-raising brothers. But things go from bad to really, really bad when Dad gets home.

How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song

How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song Joe dreams of hitting it big on Broadway. After landing an opportunity to write for an Off-Broadway musical, he is forced to cast either the love of his life (Evey) or his newly discovered muse (Summer). The realities of show business prove to Joe that writing is easy, living is hard.

Invested: The Story of Three Youth Social Entrepreneurs

StellaStill (2) Three teens overcome great odds, run small businesses, and create a future for themselves that none had expected.

Janeane from Des Moines

Janeane from Des Moines A conservative housewife wants to “take America back” in the 2012 election, but a tough economy causes some difficulties in her life, leading her to confront Republican contenders as they criss-cross her state during the Iowa Caucuses. But will anyone hear her story?

Journey to Planet X

journeytoplanetx Eric Swain and Troy Bernier are scientists by day and amateur filmmakers by night. Over the years these two friends have turned out many of their own amateur, sci-fi inspired movies. Journey to Planet X follows the filming of Planet X, the duo’s most ambitious endeavor to date, and sheds light on their unique brand of “movie magic.” While Troy views Planet X as an opportunity to launch a career in the movie-industry, Eric is content with making films as a playful and creative hobby. Troy’s bold new aspirations greatly exceed anything they’ve accomplished in previous films and the pressure of raising the bar forces both to take a leap of faith. They recruit the involvement of everyone they can find – from their own family members, to co-workers, and local aspiring actors. They shoot on sand dunes, highway overpasses, and inside an industrial-sized freezer at a local supermarket. Together with their cast and crew, they form an unlikely community of like-minded adventurers. Eric and Troy are inspired by the transcendent nature of moviemaking itself, where the fantasies of being space travelers, charming leading men, and even successful filmmakers, all seem quite possible. Our documentary captures their struggle to realize their filmmaking dream. See also: Planet X: The Frozen Moon

Kickoff Gala Shorts

Facebooklogo A collection of shorts ranging from experimental to abstract, to Taiwanese Narrative made by a French filmmaker. See individual listings for: The Firebird- By Kathy McTavish Graffiti angel- By Kathy MaTavish Nature is our Threshold to Light- By Mike Rivard Revelation- By Wonder Russell Scattered Light- By Mike Rivard This is Only a Test- By Bill Sorice Wish Hotel- By Cedric Jouarie Admission to the Kickoff Gala Shorts is free.


Kidnap A little chicken who is late to school, and uses "being Kidnapped" as her excuse.

LA Comedy Shorts Block

la_comedy_shorts_logo A collection of the best of the 2012 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

La Sirga

La Sirga Alice is helpless. War memories invade her mind like threatening thunder. Uprooted by the armed conflict, she tries to reshape her life in La Sirga, a decadent hostel on the shores of a great lake in the highlands of the Andes. There, on a swampy and murky beach, she will try to settle down until her fears and the threat of war resurface again.

Last Day at Lambeau

Last Day at Lambeau "Last Day at Lambeau" chronicles the adoration and contempt that millions of sports fans feel toward pro football star Brett Favre. The film depicts the divorce of Favre and the Green Bay Packers in 2008 and concludes with Favre's last game at Lambeau Field on October 24, 2010.

Looking Past You

LookingPastYou–HighRes Miriam is 85 and she's pissed off. Tired of being ignored, dismissed, and placated, Looking Past You centers on a pivotal day when it dawns on Miriam that there is an upside to being "invisible" and turns the tables, playing out just how much she can get away with when no one seems to notice.

Man on the Bluff

Man on the Bluff Joel Hawes has spent the last 12 years building his home on the bluffs along the Mississippi river valley in Minnesota. The Man on the Bluff is inside look into his chosen lifestyle, and his awesome hand carved and hand built Earth home.

Marvin, Seth, Stanley

Marvin, Seth, Stanley Marvin's estranged sons, Seth and Stanley, return home for a camping trip. As past grudges are exposed, their weekend getaway slowly unfurls.

Nature Is Our Threshold to Light

squaretext Screens as part of the Kickoff Gala Shorts. Admission is Free. A short documentary on Minneapolis based "Art Icon" Scott Seekins.

Now Forager

Now Forager A drama that foodies can sink their teeth into, NOW, FORAGER charts the unraveling of a shaky marriage founded on the pair’s livelihood harvesting rare wild mushrooms in the New Jersey woods and peddling them to chic Manhattan eateries. Lucien craves the footloose roaming life but Regina aspires to a foothold in a high-end kitchen. They’re exacting, cantankerous and uncompromising; their food is gorgeous. Flouting his disapproval, she takes faltering steps toward her dream, while, in the film’s most archly satirical sequence, Lucien has a disastrous catering encounter with the privileged wife of a conservative Washington politico.

Pilgrim Song

Pilgrim Song Seeking escape from his stalled relationship and unhappy place in the world, a recently pink-slipped music teacher sets out to hike Kentucky's Sheltowee Trace Trail. Among the verdant hills of Appalachia, he encounters various strange characters and becomes the reluctant companion of a gregarious father and son who ultimately help him rediscover what he's been missing.


Pizzangrillo A grandfather needs his son's love to realize the value of life. Am emotional story of renewal, with scenic vistas. This movie screens as a part of our free movies for kids.

Planet X: The Frozen Moon

Planet X Dr. Von Hoon, fresh out of University is recruited to participate on a classified mission. She and a research team are sent to the outer regions of the solar system. Many months from home they find out a desperate situation develops at the logistical hub on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The research team decides to hastily depart Pluto’s moon, only to realize they are caught in the middle of a war. See also: Journey To Planet X

Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton As Himself

Plimpton Plimpton! tells the story of writer, editor, amateur sportsman and friend to many, George Plimpton. Using Plimpton’s own narration – along with thoughts and stories from friends, family and contemporaries – the film is a joyful celebration of a life lived fully, richly, strangely, and, at times, a life that is hard to believe was actually lived by just one man.

Punchy and Toothpick

Punchy_toothpick01 Her name is Punchy, his is Toothpick. They are 10 year old runaways. Living in the back-alley of an unknown industrial city, they build their own happy family.

Red Flag

Red Flag Teasing the line between fiction and reality, Karpovsky plays an indie filmmaker named Alex Karpovsky who, dumped by a longtime girlfriend fed up with his refusal to marry, takes to the road with a reluctant old pal for a misbegotten mini tour screening his movie on college campuses and independent cinemas. Pursued by an overly ardent groupie and his own demons, he sinks deeper into a swamp of sex, fear and humiliations.


Kay Revelation Screens as part of the Kickoff Gala Shorts. Admission is Free. Six short wordless films generated with physical movement, exploring the moment of epiphany, from the perspective of six actresses. Each microshort is intended as a stand-alone piece, that when viewed together transcend the individual experience and touch the universal. Audience members follow the journey from its origin within a coming of age awakening, through gaining a sense of power, the discovery of loss, the vision for family, the wisdom of age, until they reach the ending microshort: this mortal coil, the dream within the dream we live here on earth.

Robo-san and Wan-chan

robosan Robo-san and Wan-chan, a robot and robot dog, play a game of Frisbee on a distant planet. Robo-san throws the Frisbee too far and Wan-chan flies after it, getting lost. Robo-san has to go on an adventure across the planet to find his lost dog.

Scattered Light

squaretext Screens as part of the Kickoff Gala Shorts. Admission is Free. A short documentary on the "Scattered Light" installation by artist Jim Campbell

Supporting Characters

Supporting Characters Best friends Nick (Alex Karpovsky) and Darryl (Tarik Lowe) are a film editing power duo hired to rework a movie in crisis. But what should have been business as usual has taken them into a personal tailspin of their own. After some professional run-ins, Nick's seemingly innocent attraction to the film's flirtatious starlet sparks questions about his own stable relationship, and wannabe player Darryl falls hard for tempestuous pop dancer Liana (Melanie Diaz), who may have a game of her own to play. All of this takes place while the editing team tries to navigate the neuroses of the film's director (Kevin Corrigan), his dubious choices, and a new gig that tests the limits of their friendship.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Dennis, a painfully shy 38-year-old bodybuilder, would really like to find true love. He has never had a girlfriend and lives alone with his mother in a suburb of Copenhagen. When his uncle marries a woman from Thailand, Dennis decides to try his own luck on a trip to Pattaya, as it seems that love is easier to find there. He knows that his mother would never accept another woman in his life, so he lies and tells her that he is going to Germany for a competition. Hectic Pattaya turns out to be a huge cultural shock for him. The intrusive Thai girls shatter Dennis' naive picture of what love should be like, and he is about to lose hope when he unexpectedly meets the woman of his dreams. There may be hope for him yet, if only he can confront his mother…

The Firebird

firebird The Firebird screens as part of the Kickoff Gala shorts. Admission is free. Using a multimedia approach, Kathy McTavish engages viewers with ephemeral soundscapes and abstract imagery to create a meditative and introspective experience for the viewer. The Firebird is a collaborative project between Viv Corringham (vocals) and Kathy McTavish (cello and moving image). The firebird is funded by the Jerome Foundation and Minnesota State arts Board as part of the longer holy fool project.

The Listener

The Listener Nathan has a rare gift of hearing nature in a way that no one else does. When Nathan"s unique ability estranges him from his peers, he struggles between seeking social acceptance and remaining true to the mysterious gift that sets him apart.

The Politics of Board Gaming Amongst Friends

PoliticsBoardGaming1 (2) Through first hand accounts and dramatic recreations, director Jay Cheel examines the mental breakdown of a man who loses his cool during a friendly night of board games, proving that even the most trivial things sometimes have the highest stakes.

The Price of Sand

The Price of Sand Screened as a Work in Progress and followed by a community discussion, the goal of this documentary is to find the real price of frac sand. Not just in dollars, but in friendships, communities and the future of our region.

The Sound of Small Things

The Sound of Small Things Sam, a hobby musician and copywriter, and Cara, a survivor of a mysterious accident resulting in a loss of hearing, are navigating a fragile young marriage. Their nascent relationship becomes troubled, as a series of secrets and interlopers begin to blur the borders of truthful communication between them. Both struggling with their perception of the situation, innocence and culpability for the difficulties in their relationship is clouded within the space of silence between them.

The Wheel

TheWheel A visually imaginative tale of a dutiful young man, fated to maintain the balance of the world – and his mischievous sister, determined to test the balance.

This is Only a Test

This Is Only A Test The tale of a Girl’s surrealistic journey encountering varied tests during the different stages of her life


Trashland An embittered but magical trash sculptor encounters a cheerful orphan girl who challenges him to come out of his shell and create the impossible. This film screens as a part of the free movies for kids.

Vivienne Again

VivienneAgain_300dpi_1 A funeral home employee saves a dead woman from the killer who's closing in to complete the job.

We’re Not Broke

We're Not Broke America is in the grip of a societal economic panic. Lawmakers cry “We’re Broke!” as they slash budgets, lay off schoolteachers, police, and firefighters, crumbling our country’s social fabric and leaving many Americans scrambling to survive. Meanwhile, multibillion-dollar American corporations like Exxon, Google and Bank of America are making record profits. And while the deficit climbs and the cuts go deeper, these corporations—with intimate ties to our political leaders—are concealing colossal profits overseas to avoid paying U.S. income tax.

Wish Hotel

Wish Hotel 1 Wish Hotel Screens as part of the Kickoff Gala Shorts. Admission is Free. One ordinary day in a small Taipei hotel is slightly disturbed by the arrival of the new night shift front desk employee. For the solitary chambermaid though, this encounter will change everything, as the “new guy” seems to see her like no one ever did before. Yet, this huge change in the maid’s life is no change at all in the everyday routine of the hotel clerks and customers.