The 2011 Official Selections

22 Mei

22 Mei Sam lives a life of emotional isolation working as a security guard at a mall. One day, his routine is brutally altered when a young man sets off a bomb, blowing the mall to pieces. Sam survives the blast and tries to rescue victims, but winds up fleeing from scene. His subsequent encounters with the people he saved will raise an important question: Why? How could anyone commit something that atrocious? The director of the controversial Ex Drummer embarks on a journey towards the depths of guilt and horror where its seductive aesthetics surprisingly join the starkest realism with flights towards the oneiric and the subconscious.

A Second Knock At The Door

A Second Knock at the Door A Second Knock at the Door offers a rare glimpse into the lives of military families dealing with the loss of loved ones to friendly fire. Through interviews and investigative reports obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, this documentary explores several key incidents in which the families of the fallen were forced to embark on a quest for the truth after the Army attempted to bury the true cause of death within the "fog of war."

Adventures in Plymptoons!

Adventures in Plymptoons! This new documentary about animator Bill Plympton follows his path from rainy days in his Portland childhood drawing indoors to a self-made career as an independent animator. The film includes interviews with family, friends, colleagues, critics, and fans.


Alone Home is the safest place, unless you are alone.


Aussig Aussig is a black comedy set in Ústí nad Labem. The story revolves around the relationship between two new lecturers at a local university - a Russian and an American. Tension starts when the two men are forced to live together in one small dorm room. The two men could not be more unlike. They quickly develop a dislike for each other. They conflict over everything from ketchup to women. It is as if another Cold War has broken out with the battleground being their little tiny dorm room.

Beauty Day

Beauty Day Before there was Jackass... Before there was Tom Green... There was Ralph Zavadil. His cable access television show, The Cap'n Video Show, ran from 1990 to 1995, spawning a small but loyal cult following. Each week Ralph performed a series of idiotic and occasionally dangerous stunts, challenging the sensibilities of his small Southern Ontario audience. With the advent of the internet and reality television still years away, his unique brand of gross-out stunt comedy was truly ahead of its time. All it took was a broken neck for him to get noticed.

Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes Ten year old Gulistan and her brother Firat live in the heart of Turkish Kurdistan. Tragedy strikes when their parents are shot down by paramilitary gunmen before their very eyes. Traumatized and orphaned, Gulistan and Firat try to care for their infant sister, but their money soon runs out and they're forced onto the street.

Breakfast For Dinner

Breakfast for Dinner As a young boy waits for his father to come home from Iraq, he does what anyone would do: cook a delicious breakfast.


Cerise CERISE is a short film about the grammatical world of former six-time National Spelling Bee champ Josh Kermes that's thrown into disarray when the director of the tutoring center he works for hires a new writing tutor, Shivam Shah, who also happens to be the person who won the spelling bee Josh had lost 20 years ago. Chaos and competition ensue up, down, and diagonally in this short quirky dramedy, culminating in the ultimate showdown. It’s man against word: Will Josh finally overcome the word that took him down?


Collaborator On a visit to his childhood home to look in on his mother, the famous playwright Robert Longfellow is taken hostage by Gus, an ex-con neighbor he has avoided since he was a boy. As the drama unfolds on the cable news channels, the two men un-expectedly bond until the mood darkens and shots ring out. Winner of both The Critics Prize and Best Actor Prize for David Morse at the 2011 Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Dirty Work

Dirty Work Dirty Work is a documentary about a dream. The film follows a year in the life of the people who invested their sweat, hopes, and tears into Elsie's Farm; a little field of vegetables that just might change the world.

Enter The Circus

Enter the Circus The charming animated tale of a little rabbit visiting a very unique circus.

Flyway Curated Shorts Program

Flyway Shorts Fest Short films curated especially for Flyway.

For My Kids

FOR MY KIDS The story of a 22 year-old woman from El Salvador who decides to leave her home and children behind to emigrate to the United States in order to build them a better life.

Gosia’s Witch

Gosia's Witch Polish emigre, Gosia, an awkward 7 year old girl who barely speaks English, is the new student at a Catholic school. With a vivid imagination, Gosia escapes into her fairy tale story "Baba Yaga and the Wood" when faced with turmoil. Gosia proves she has real gumption when she uses this imaginary world to find strength to stand up for herself when she is unjustly punished.

Guard Dog Global Jam

Guard Dog Global Jam 75 artists from different countries came together to make Bill Plympton's Guard Dog Global Jam a reality. The result is a unique collection of styles that flow together to re-tell the story of the over-protective Guard Dog as he tries to guide his owner to safety on their walk outside.


Homecoming Homecoming is the story of Estelle Szymanski, an Army medic in search of fun while on leave in her hometown of Celebration, Florida. With her directionless yet noble friends tagging along, she reveals hidden fears about her lonely mother and finds more than she expected from her homecoming celebrations.

How To Start Your Own Country

How To Start Your Own Country Jody Shapiro’s ultra-sharp documentary How to Start Your Own Country examines micro-nations – tiny states seldom recognized by better-known, more conventionally established countries. Traversing the globe, Shapiro introduces us to several states you’ve almost certainly never heard of.

Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest

Ingrid Pitt: Beyond The Forest Memories from the Holocaust have been portrayed in almost every medium, but rarely animation -- and never before by a child animator. Animated short film "INGRID PITT: BEYOND THE FOREST" is a cross-generational collaboration between a world-class animation master, two-time Academy Award-nominated Bill Plympton, and a first-time animator, 11-year-old artist Perry Chen. It is narrated by Ingrid Pitt herself.

King of Devil’s Island

King of Devil's Island This true story of the infamous Bastøy Boys Home correctional facility in Norway, begins with the arrival of seventeen-year-old Erling, a rumored murderer. He immediately clashes with the island facility’s governor (Stellan Skarsgard), who believes manual labor, rigid discipline, and harsh punishment are the only methods that can turn the boys into honorable members of society. Refusing to accept the constant abuse, Erling slowly rouses the rest of the boys out of their resigned existence, and encourages them to fight to lift up their spirits. When tragedy finally falls at the hand of the sadistic dorm master, Erling leads his comrades in a courageous and vicious rebellion that will bring them head to head with no less than the Norwegian Army.

LA Comedy Shorts 1

LA Comedy Shorts The Flyway Film Festival is please to present some of the freshest and funniest comedy shorts of 2011. Thanks to our friends at LA Comedy Shorts and especially curated to tickle the funny bones of Flyway Audiences we bring the funny to Flyway… via LA 4 Pounds: Over the course of four life changing weeks, an actor focuses his considerable will on the goal of losing some weight. As the people in his life try to dissuade him from his ruinous path, he ignores them in his headlong rush towards self destruction. Karl Mulberry: Set against a world of roller blades, water balloons, and accordions, KARL MULBERRY is a comedy about a conflicted sixteen year old boy who needs a father, but doesn't want to lose his mother. Dates on Tape: Kevin Spacey, a man of many talents, is single and ready to mingle. Watch as he tells you a little about his best...attributes. The Interview: The last man on earth tries to get a job from the second-to-last man on earth. Adoption Agency: Before Kim Jong Il (REX LEE from HBO's Entourage) can adopt an American baby worthy enough to take over his empire, he must first charm the panel of interviewers at the adoption agency. WROARF: Support a recession-hit American family for just four hundred dollars per day, plus tax. Dik: A concerned father of a six year old takes it the wrong way. What Up Little Kid: A music video dedicated to all the little kids out there. Bear Force One: Two eager, naive guys pitch their idea for the movie 'Bear Force One' to a Hollywood executive. While leaving Alaskan bear country, bears take over the President's airplane, and now it's up to the Commander in Chief, a secret service guard, and a flight attendant to regain control at 30,000 feet in this satire of airplane/hijacking films.

LA Comedy Shorts 2

LA Comedy Shorts The Flyway Film Festival is please to present some of the freshest and funniest comedy shorts of 2011. Thanks to our friends at LA Comedy Shorts and especially curated to tickle the funny bones of Flyway Audiences we bring the funny to Flyway… via LA

Le Diable en Personne

La Diable en Personne The Devil pays a visit to a man who never did anything good nor bad the day before his death, to tempt him and bring him to Hell!


Madtown A Wisconsin protest documentary in three acts. Madtown goes inside the capitol building to hear from the people who occupied it for 17 days in opposition to Governor Scott Walker's union-busting bill.

More To Live For

More To Live For “More to Live For” is the story of three lives, all shaken by cancer and dependent upon the one vital bone marrow match that could save them. These individuals are similar only in their fate and prolific accomplishments: Michael Brecker, 15-time Grammy winner, one of the greatest tenor saxophonists of all time; James Chippendale, entertainment executive and founder of The Love Hope Strength foundation, the largest music centric cancer charity in the world and Seun Adebiyi, a young Nigerian training to become the first ever Nigerian winter Olympic athlete in any sport. Their unrelated paths become connected in a desperate fight for survival and a singular mission: to bring awareness about bone marrow donation to the millions of people who could save a life today. A film of tragedy and loss, strength and hope, “More to Live For” presents the stories of three individuals facing life and death, and their commitment to making a difference. These deeply personal accounts of confronting illness will inspire hope and action, leaving the viewer empowered to become part of the cure.

Odysseus’ Gambit

Odysseus' Gambit A gambit is a chess opening in which a player sacrifices a pawn with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position. The protagonist is a Cambodian American guy looking for his place in the game.

Photos and Drawings

Photos and Drawings Two Artists in search of inspiration discover something more.

Radio Free Albemuth

Radio Free Albemuth Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly). Depicting a dystopian society in an alternate reality circa 1985, Radio Free Albemuth follows the awakening of Berkley record store clerk Nick Brady, by visions communicated from a satellite of unknown origins. Under guidance from these visions, Nick begins to rise up against the fascist government masquerading as the United States of America, with the help of a mysterious woman named Sylvia (Alanis Morissette) and his best friend, science fiction writer Philip K. Dick himself (Shea Whigham). President Ferris F. Fremont, a Richard Nixon clone, is still in the White House chasing after the shadowy terrorist organization called Aramchek.

Sawdust City

Sawdust City Displaying a genuine feeling for his characters and their distinctly Midwestern surroundings, writer/director David Nordstrom makes his feature debut with Sawdust City, set in his hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. On a snowcapped Thanksgiving, while most families are comfortably settled around the dinner table, Pete and Bob, two brothers who haven't seen each other for years, are searching the town's bars for their estranged father. Over the course of the day and into the night, the two walk and talk their way through a succession of watering holes, VFW halls and their own complicated history, one that cuts far deeper than simple sibling rivalry.

Seven Minutes In Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven Galia, a young woman from Jerusalem, and her boyfriend Oren board a local bus. The bus explodes, leaving Oren in a coma and Galia with severe burns and memory loss; she lacks memory of the day of the terrorist attack and the days leading up to it. The film begins one year after the attack, upon Oren's death. As Galia undergoes physical and mental therapy, she attempts to stitch together the shattered fragments of her life and soul. A necklace sent to her from an unidentified source sets her off on a journey to find the missing pieces of the puzzle from that horrific day.

Sidewalk Sonata

Sidewalk Sonata Sidewalk Sonata takes you on a journey of spontaneous musical moments. It starts with a piano that is painted for the Pianos on Parade project in St. Paul, Minnesota. We follow the artist as his passion is painted layer by layer on the piano. Then we follow the piano to a street corner in downtown St. Paul. Will anyone play it?

Silver Tongues

Silver Tongues SILVER TONGUES follows a couple, GERRY and JOAN, who use their talent for acting and performance as part of a dark game. Driving from town to town, the two lovers don different personas to deceive and destroy the lives of the people in their path. But each manipulation begins to take its toll. Soon the performances spiral out of control, and the game itself threatens their very relationship.

Solex Ahoy

Solex Ahoy During the course of the summer of 2008, Bart van Poppel and Elisabeth Esselink trekked the numerous rivers, lakes and waterways covering the twelve provinces of the Netherlands in an old motor boat. In each province a different cast of musicians were invited to climb aboard and create a homage to the Dutch landscape. On returning to her home base in Amsterdam, Esselink took the resulting material full of noises, moods, voices and rhythms back to her studio where she set about processing the recordings into twelve separate sound-image compositions, one for each province. Solex Ahoy, or better still, The Sound Map of the Netherlands is a reflection of the perilous route. A homage to the Dutch waterways.


Strumpet A contemporary interpretation of a silent horror film. On the cusp of a murderous storm, a lonely traveler happens upon an old hotel. Greeted by the friendly yet unnerving innkeeper, the traveler checks in for the night. His slumber is cut short by the beautiful, yet treacherous siren that haunts the inn.


Terrebonne Terrebonne is the story of siblings who encounter trouble when they venture deep into the Louisiana swamp in search of the mythic ivory-billed woodpecker.

The Duck Hunter

The Duck Hunter Year 1942. The front of the war is still far and in a little  provincial town, between the south of Modena and the river  Po, Mario and his friends live their youth free and easy. Each  of them has his or her own dream to fulfill: Loris, the  Casanova, hopes one day he'll manage to go to Paris. In the  meantime he begins a relationship with Luisa, who's engaged  to Archimede, a young fascist. Oreste the motorcyclist  dreams of a new motorcycle. Gino is the village fool. He lives  alone, with a canary and would like to become mayor. Mario  is the only one to be married and has a daughter, Alice. He  dreams of giving her an old piano, for her to study music, just  like he would've loved to do as a child. But the coming of the  war and the mishaps of life will very soon end up to overwhelm their destinies. 

The Small Assassin

The Small Assassin The year is 1947, and Alice (Lois Atkins) and David (David Marcotte) have just given birth to their first child. When Alice slips into postpartum depression, David seeks the advice of their Doctor (Robert Breuler), who assures him that she will eventually come around. But as time passes Alice's depression takes a turn for the worse, and she becomes convinced that the baby is conspiring against her. David must decide if his wife is loosing her mind, or if the child is plotting their doom. 'The Small Assassin' is based on the short story by legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury.

The Winter Frog

The Winter Frog Benjamin (Gerard Depardieu), sees his wife die in his arms following a long illness. Only one way for him: death. But a young Japanese woman (Eriko Takeda), on a visit to his winery, will gently help him to mourn the death of his wife with a series of symbols and exchanges between their two cultures.

Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water Tony is 11 years old. Hockey is his “absolutely, positively” favorite sport; and he is about to play his last game. Like his father and his father’s father, Tony has spent many of his best hours on the ice. Like his mother’s brother, Tony has severe hemophilia. The frequent scratches and bruises that mark the childhoods of active kids seem harmless to the healthy, but these same small injuries can be debilitating or fatal to a hemophiliac. Undeterred by a family history of chronic illness and loss, Tony’s parents continue to support and encourage his ambitions. Thicker Than Water is a documentary about dealing with chronic illness, living life to the fullest and playing your last game as well as you can.

Tony & Janina’s American Wedding

Tony & Janina's American Wedding Tony & Janina’s American Wedding is a feature length documentary that gets to the heart of the broken, red tape ridden U.S. immigration system.   After 18 years in America, Tony and Janina Wasilewski’s family is torn apart when Janina is deported back to Poland, taking their 6 year old son Brian with her.  Set on the backdrop of the Chicago political scene, and featuring Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez at the heart of the immigration reform movement, this film follows the Wasilewski’s 3-year struggle to be reunited, as their Senator Barack Obama rises to the Presidency.  With a fresh perspective on the immigration conversation, this film tells the untold human rights story of Post-9/11, that every undocumented immigrant in America faces today, with the power to open the conversation for change.

Tunnels of Love

Tunnels of Love Tunnels of Love is an experiment in acting and filmmaking in public space. Framed loosely as a romantic comedy, it follows various characters in their subterranean New York lives. It was shot in the spring of this year by a very small student crew, utilizing an ensemble cast and set entirely on the subway system. The result is a self conscious view of performance, of relationships with people and with a city.


The Two Sides of Love A look at the two sides of love.


Wisconsin Paul Iannacchino's short documentary on the Madison protests to Governor Scott Walker's budget bill. Music by Bon Iver
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